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Inspiring Speakers!

We know representation matters! We would be honored to host speakers who are working in the tech, design, and media fields to come and connect with our learners! Show them what they can become and share your story!

Learning Experts!

Are you a learning institution, teacher or learner and interested in co-designing and testing tools to help you to learn or teach? We are looking for partner schools, universities, and education institutions that can help designers by providing insights into the day-to-day learning and teaching practices.


Greetings fellow designers and design firms! As the initiators of the Learning Innovation Design Lab, Formula D interactive recognizes that we need other design firms and designers from a wide range of disciplines, including interaction design, product design, communication and service design, to partner with us and help us achieve our goals.

Funding Partners!

Are you with a foundation or company who would like to support this initiative financially? Rest assured, the Learning Innovation Design Lab is a non-profit initiative and would appreciate your support. Talk to us about how you could get involved with our current and future projects.