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Our Game Lab learners at Hout Bay and Silikamva High Schools celebrated the end of the term with a learner showcase presenting the games they have designed on Scratch. The learners introduced their games and demonstrated how they play. The games varied from underwater scenes of fish fending off shark attacks, to two cats in a foot race running through different scenes. The learners explained a section of code to demonstrate how they used Scratch to design and programme their games. Now that the learners have finished their games they will share them on the platform and will be able to spend time playing each other’s games. We will list them here as they get published and the Game Lab Arcade comes to life!


Hout Bay High Term 2 Games:

Beyano’s Plat Ball 

Can you bounce through the levels to reach the star?

Elton’s Run All Day

A two player racing game. Which runner will win?

Jovan’s Angry Ball

“This is about an angry ball who lived on earth.He was born like that angry, so the chief of the land …Heard about him and sent him on a journey to take out all the anger out of him.” More levels in development!

Silikamva High Term 2 Games:

Coming Soon!…

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