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 On Tuesday 27th March the first Game Lab class of grade 8 and grade 9 students from Hout Bay High took part in a presentation that marked the end of their eight week Game lab. Game Lab had previously worked with thirty grade 10 Silikamva students in 2016 which came up with promising results. The programme showed that there was great interest in the technology sector from young people and that given the opportunity and the resources, the youth could let their imaginations run wild and apply the technical skills learnt in the programme to create games and much more.

The students from Hout Bay High were now also given the opportunity to put their newly sponsored computer lab to use with the introduction of the Game lab programme. The grade 8 and grade 9 students were taught how to design games through the use of character design, story-telling and programming with a programme called Scratch.

The student’s presentations on the day comprised of the work they had done since the inception of the programme. They stood in front of their peers and invited guests and spoke about their games, how they came up with the concepts for their games and what kind of coding they used to make their characters move and perform different tasks.

The programme was facilitated by two past Hout Bay Coding Alumni, Lelothando Bokuva and Lwazi Sifo, who had proven to be the two most committed coding students in an Up for All coding programme for matriculants and school leavers in 2015. They did a fantastic job in helping the students understand how to create their games and use the different techniques to bring their ideas to life.

When speaking to one of the grade 8 students, Luther, he said that he chose to be part of the programme because he enjoyed programming and creating games on the computer. He had been previously exposed to coding through his Uncle who created 3D games and was very excited at the fact that he would be able to do more of it through the Game Lab. He said that he would like to pursue a career in coding, game design or I.T after he matriculates. 

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