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The Masiphumelele Play to Learn Lab hit the ground running on Monday the 7th of April 2014 to mark the start of the second school term, and Phase 2 of the project. The second phase of the project again promotes learning through play, curiosity and co-creation in the classroom, with further emphasis on creative group work.

The first activity for the week asked each class to design and decorate a new Android-based PLOXX1 cardboard computer. Each learner was given carte blanche to draw and colour in their own A4 version of a PLOXX1 cardboard computer, afterwhich the class would vote for the best design and decorate a cut-out life-size PLOXX1 computer to that specification. With little instruction, the learners submitted designs with varied colours and patterns relating their own interpretation of what their PLOXX1 would look like.  


After voting for the best design, the class divided itself up into smaller groups, and first decorated the individual elements of the PLOXX1. Using colour A3 sheets of paper, scissors, glue, and assisted by our new tutor, Nomonde, and Linley, the learners constructed a blue PLOXX1 box with yellow ears. This collaborative approach to problem solving worked well within the small groups. Each leaner was comfortable contributing their own ideas to the design.


The activity was well suited for the Play to Learn Lab because it pushed the learners to think creatively and independently, gave them a feel for the usefulness of group work, and most importantly, showed them that they could have fun while learning together! 


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